Teaching Arts & English

Welcome to our fulfilling volunteering project at a local kindergarten!

Experience the joy of making a lasting impact on young minds and shaping the future of our community. Join our passionate team of volunteers as we engage with energetic and curious children in a nurturing environment. Through interactive lessons, creative activities, and play-based learning, you’ll have the opportunity to inspire and empower the next generation. Whether you have a background in education or simply a love for working with children, your time and dedication will leave a lasting impression. Embark on a rewarding journey of laughter, growth, and meaningful connections. Join us today and become an invaluable part of their early learning journey!


the Project

Volunteers for this project will help children at 6 local kindergarten schools to learn many important lessons and enjoy their time at school. Lessons such as their alphabet, counting, animals and fruits. Volunteers will also assist the class teachers during language lessons; teaching the local languages of Tamil and Sinhala as well as the foreign language of English. These lessons will be fun, engaging and exciting and volunteers can look forward to creating beautiful memories with the children both inside the classroom and during breaktimes.

Maintaining the classrooms and playgrounds is another important part of this project as well as assisting the children during breakfast time. Volunteers will help the children wash their hands and eat. Volunteers can also arrange special events or trips for the children if they would like. To do so, volunteers must discuss with the kindergarten teachers ahead of time. Parents will drop their children off for approximately 3 ½ hours every day from Monday to Friday.


  • gifts for the children must be pre-approved by the project coordinators
  • visible tattoos must be covered during times at the kindergartens
  • Volunteers will need to have a criminal record check before working with the children
  • The project will not be available during school and public holidays (1 month in December, 3 weeks in April and 1 month in August), however, our other projects will still be running during these times.
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